Let’s help FRA Branch 46 save their FRA Home!!

Branch 46 is facing an HISTORIC challenge and they are offering you a ONCE in a LIFETIME opportunity to help save their FRA Home.  Twenty-six years ago, they were fortunate enough to build an FRA Branch Home right outside historic Pearl Harbor Naval Base / Hickam Air Force Base on land leased from the United States Navy.  This building has become more than just a meeting place; it is truly a HOME for all Shipmates, their families and friends and they have enjoyed hosting our many Shipmates who visited the branch home during their trips to Hawaii.

The Navy Region Hawaii has declared that parcel of land as non-mission essential and it must be sold.  They can buy it, but they are  $600,000 short of the purchase price, it must be paid by March 2015.  When you donate as part of this special FRA Today  Campaign, you can claim your special USS ARIZONA and PEARL HARBOR coins! We don’t have space to show them on this website but you can contact FRA Branch 46 for more information:



891 Valkenburgh Street
Honolulu, HI 96818
ph: (808) 422-2121
fax: (808) 423-6707
alt: (808) 423-0873 Lounge